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The 12th International Thin-Film Transistor Conference, ITC2016, will be held in Hsinchu,Taiwan, on 25th and 26th February 2016.

The areas of interest for contributors include, but are not limited to :

TFT materials : novel materials (metal-oxides, organics, new structures of silicon, CNT/graphene, 2D semiconductors  and related materials), preparation technologies (deposition, synthesis, printing, coating, annealing, and sintering) and film properties (physical, electrical and mechanical).

TFT device technologies : novel device fabrication processes, device physics, reliability and simulation of TFTs.

Thin-film integrated systems and circuits : design, fabrication and characterization of thin-film devices (flexible displays, mechanical, chemical and bio-medical sensors, RF-ID, imagers, etc).

Flexible electronics (Printed or not) : Printing technologies (digital, analog printing, web-handling), flexible substrates (plastic/glass/encapsulation), packaging (interconnection, bonding), and new applications towards flexible and stretchable electronics.