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Invited Speakers
Invited Speaker Affiliation
Prof. Ananth Dodabalapu Scaling effects in organic, amorphous oxide, and printed single walled carbon nanotube thin-film transistors
Texas University at Austin, USA
Prof. Arokia Nathan Device-Circuit Interactions in Thin Film Transistor Circuits and Systems
University of Cambridge, UK
Dr. CC Hsiao High Performance Organic-inorganic Hybrid Metal Oxide Thin-film Transistor Technologies for Flexible AMOLED Display Applications
Polyera, Taiwan
Dr.  Emmanuel Jacques Charge transport in organic semiconductors based Organic Thin Film Transistors and electrical instability origins
IETR Rennes, France
Dr. Kwon-Shik Park Development of High-Mobility, High-Stability Oxide TFTs
LG Display, Korea
Prof. Paul Heremans Flexible TFTs and TFT circuits
IMEC, Belgium
Dr.  Radu Sporea Solving temperature-related drawbacks in source-gated transistors
University of Surrey, UK
Prof. S. H. K. Park Top Gate High Performance ITZO Thin-Film Transistor by Means of High Density Plasma Sputtering
KAIST University, Korea
Prof. Sigurd Wagner Thin-Film Devices for Large-Area / CMOS Hybrid Systems
Princeton University, USA
Prof. Toshio Kamiya Competition of Oxygen and Hydrogen: A Key to Developing 
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan New Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors
Prof. Xiaojun Guo Development of Low Voltage Fully Printable Organic Transistors for Organic/Silicon Hybrid Sensing Systems
Shanghai Jiao Tung University, China
Prof. Yongtaek Hong Low Voltage Solution Processed CNT and IGZO TFTs
Seoul National University, Korea