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About ITC

Thin-film transistors (TFTs) are key elements for large area electronics, whose applications are increasingly pervading our society. TFT technology, involving multidisciplinary research topics, has far reaching impact in a number of areas including flexible electronics, flexible displays, low-cost RF-ID tags, and mechanical, chemical environment and biological medical sensors.

The 12th International Thin-Film Transistor Conference, ITC2016, will be held in Hsinchu,Taiwan, on 25th and 26th February 2016.

About ITC

International Thin-Film Transistor Conference (ITC) aims to provide an informative and informal environment for attendees to exchange their newest research findings and share their recent experience in their various fields of thin-film transistors.

Thin Film Transistors are on the basis of the extraordinary development of flat screens that equip all present computers, TVs, smartphones and generally all the current displays. They support also the development of the so-called flexible electronics that can take any form, can be folded and put away.

ITC therefore gets a huge range of attendees from the globe who shall be privileged to latest information about the updates in TFT materials like silicon, metal oxides, organics, graphene, carbon nanotubes, two dimensional semiconductors etc., various innovative technologies for the preparation of these novel materials, the fabrication of TFT devices through new technologies, the applications of thin film integrated systems and circuits, and numerous other developments in the same.

Continuing the long series of ITC Conferences and after Seoul, Fukuoka, Rome, Paris, Hyogo, Cambridge, Lisbon, Tokyo and Delft, Rennes,  Hsinchu will host the 12th International Conference on Thin Film Transistors (ITC 2016).

Past events ITC

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